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DONNI WIGGINS | I Make Shift Happen

7 simple SHIFTS that will have a huge impact on your life immediately!


People simply need help figuring out where to start in their process, without becoming so overwhelmed that they either give up or take forever to get started. SHIFT happens over time, with each thought, action and belief. Many people try to skip the process and jump straight to the success, but that usually yields unsuccessful results.

Make Shift Happen Now focuses on simplifying the process of achieving success. It cuts straight to the chase and offers REAL transformational practices that can help anyone reach the next level, by:

  focusing on simple mindset shifts that help you think like the success you wish to become.

  encouraging you to start immediately making small adjustments that will yield immediate results.

  offering suggestions that make sense for you and where you are RIGHT NOW.

  walking you through your shifts in a simplified manner, so that anyone can understand what to do to achieve success.

Make Shift Happen Now will force you to evaluate the distance between your effort and your expectations. It is in this distance, that you will discover what has been missing all along, in order to achieve the results you want so badly.

Things have up and down with me for the last few years. So I look forward to your daily posts because of how inspirational they are. In my eyes, you are always on point. You remind me of my sister. I love your drive, and I truly admire your passion for helping others and the amazing person that you are. 

And no matter what stones are thrown at you, you still stand strong. To me, you are a true representation of what a woman is and should be and an awesome role model. That alone is true inspiration in itself.

Danyelle C.

Donni, you have definitely made a positive impact on me, and it’s genuine. You inspire through actions. I follow you because you are committed to a cause, and you are able to build, without tearing down. Honestly, you’re  just fun to watch, lol.

Jason D.

Before I met you, I had never thought about stepping out on faith to start a business . You’ve shown me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I watch your success and tell myself that one day that’ll be me. You’re and awesome mom and entrepreneur. God bless you and continue to bless the lives of others with your gift!

Kim W.

You have been an inspiration for me by showing that hard work pays off. Stay focused on the goal and do what you have to do, to be your own boss. Although I’m still trying to get this business started, most of my hesitation was fear. I know God doesn’t give us fear so I must trust Him. Thanks for being an inspiration.

LaQuise G.

I like your poise, and the way you articulate the truth. Seemingly, no matter how hard it was to accept, you always have a way to make me soul search and reflect on what I could have done differently.  I could write an essay on how you have impacted my life, instead I will sum it up with advice you gave me:  “Wanda, your words have power, choose them carefully.  Never compare yourself to another. Some may be financially abundant, but emotionally bankrupt. We all have issues, it’s up to you to discover which ones are worth the energy, turn it into a learning opportunity, and move forward.  Never dwell on anything that can’t positively impact your life.”  You are an amazing individual, mentor and coach. I am humbled, but indeed very blessed.

Wanda J.

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